Daisy Gear Lava Tote

Lava Tote by Daisy Gear - Gold

I really love the design of this diaper bag. It has simplicity without being stark. That big splash of color just takes it nicely away from being too plain, and you have a choice of several cool colors too.

It is really a combination of several of Daisy Gear’s diaper bags, and brought together is this very handy tote – ideal for beach trips or jaunts to the grocery store.

Nonetheless, it’s still a good sized bag with 5 large pockets for diapers, bottles, and wipes etc. A zippered enclosure ensures that all your accessories are kept firmly inside, and it readily hangs on every type of stroller.

A checklist of features are: separate zippered pocket for the changing pad (included), smaller zippered pocket for your wallet, cell phone pocket, key clip neatly placed inside the zipper, easy-clean interior of light color to make your accessories easy to find.

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