The Good And The Bad of Diaper Backpacks

I thought it was about time I set up some individual pages that looked at individual types of diaper bags.

Diaper Backpacks are always popular because they’re easy to carry and put no strain on your back. They’re a wise choice in many ways. Perhaps the most important is a point I’ve already mentioned – they don’t put much strain on your back. That’s important because when you have a child you will invariably start to put more strain on your back when you lift up your child.

To make matters worse, it is very likely that you will not always have the optimum posture for gathering up your child – it simply isn’t possible. So, after a few months of this activity your back could well be causing you a lot of trouble. Particularly if you’re a mature mom.

For this reason alone it’s worth thinking about diaper backpacks. However, there are other benefits too – they keep your hands free!

Any mom will know just how difficult life gets when you’re having to carry all kinds of things around with you, whilst at the same time trying to manage your new born.

So, two clear benefits of using a backpack are the lack of strain on your back and leaving your hands free to manage your baby.

The only downside is that a backpack doesn’t look that awesome. Yes, there are very attractive bags out there but they never ever look elegant, and there will be times when a backpack is simply inappropriate.

It might be a good idea to have a backpack as the workhorse and have another bag for more important occasions.

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In the meantime I’ve found a few for you to look at and maybe consider.

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