Black Diaper Bags

Black diaper bag GR8x

There is quite a growing interest in black diaper bags, no doubt governed by their practicality and the fact that black will pretty much go with anything you’re wearing.

Due to this interest I thought I’d post a few black bags onto the site that may be of interest.

First up is the GR8x messenger. Yes, you may not know the name but it’s a smart looking bag with a lot going for it.

It’s made from a strong vinyl fabric and has a very strong look about it. There are also a wealth of pockets for storing all the usual accesories one needs to lug around. Of course they have included an inuslated bottle pocket which is almost standard these days, but they have also thrown a waterproof changing pad in too – very handy.

You will also find some pockets to the exterior that can be used for your keys or other immediate access needs
There are pockets for a cell phone which resides on the outside for quick and easy access and of course pockets that will be used for wipes and diapers etc. There is also a rather nifty detachable pacifier pouch which I though was rather smart.

The adjustable straps are broad enough to accomodate a heavy load and it also comes with stroller straps too.
The interior is nice and spacious with plenty of room for carrying your numerous extras such as snacks, spare clothing, and toys etc.
As you can see from the image, the styling is not classically girly but still feminine enough to feel good about carrying it. I think the chrome buckles really set it off very nicely.

It retails at around $100 and so it isn’t an inexpensive bag but for the styling and functionality I think it’s well worth the price. If you’re specifically looking for a black diaper bag then this would be worthy of consideration.

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