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Holly Aiken Diaper Bags

Holly Aiken Airship
Holly Aiken makes diaper bags that are almost works of art. Really stunning designs that make you say ‘I want one’ as soon as you see them.

Style is so prominent here that you know celebs and executives will be jumping over themselves to get one. The good news is that they’re very reasonably priced.

Check out the Bonanza Mini Messenger with its broad shoulder strap that’s offset against an elegant and simple print in black and yellow. Fully lined interior pockets, velcro enclosure and adjustable strap.

Holly Aiken Coupe Tote Diaper Bag

Holly Aiken Coupe Tote
Holly Aiken does it again with this stunning tote diaper bag. It’s classy, functional, and comes in generous selection of colors.

It has a vinyl front, back, and base, and comes with an interior pocket that has various uses. Fully lined, and the snap enclosure is a nice touch.

Colors include: white and black, sand brown and dark chocolate, avocado green & dinosaur green, jade blue and dark chocolate brown, raspberry pink & avocado green. That should keep you happy!

Holly Aiken Daytona Bomber Diaper Bag

Holly Aiken Daytona Bomber
This stunning diaper bag by Holly Aiken is simply overloaded with style inside and out. There are three interior pockets, a matching changing roll, Velcro enclosure, fully lined, and a vinyl base.

You know this diaper bag is going to get you a lot of attention, so the only reason not to buy one is if you’re shy!

Dimensions: 11H x 14W x 5D (inches). And the matching changing roll is 13W x 24L (inches)