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The founders of Ju-Ju-Be say they have delved into the deep realms of microbes and anti-stick coatings. They were told that diaper bags weren’t rocket science, but they didn’t agree.
They had a strong belief that they had something more to offer the world of diaper bag design, and set about changing them. They make well-crafted bags that are fun, cool, and trendy. They’re also extremely practical with wonderful innovative qualities. In fact all the things you’d want from a good diaper bag.

The BeTween by Ju-Ju-Be

BeTween by Ju-Ju-Be

The BeTween is exactly what it says – it’s not too big and it’s not too small. A very practical diaper bag that has big pockets and easy access to the diaper and wipes compartments.
The main compartment has a gusseted entrance and a real advantage is that it’s easy to clean. The easy entry is just great for quick access, and the shoulder pad is made from memory foam with good grip fabric, and is fully adjustable. Users say it’s very comfortable . Exterior thermo-insulated bottle pockets, and it comes with Crumb Drains so your bag will stay forever clean. And rounded off with nice light colored lining so you can easily see what’s inside.